ClozemonkeyClozeMonkey Ltd is a company who look for innovative designs to bring to the marketplace. We are an energetic company who have put their many years experience in many fields of excellence to the fore.

We believe the timing and launching to the markets of our products and services can/will differentiate us from our competitors, for their innovation, quality and price sensitivity in the present environment of sustainability.

We are confident of finding markets in many countries as these products have a universal appeal. Our research on this subject has been enlightening and thought provoking in line with future ideas that are in the pipeline.

We are an open forward looking company. We look forward to meeting the challenges in the building of successful relationships with our buyers.

ClozeMonkey SmartDri

Fed up with wet washing hanging around on radiators, piled up waiting for drying space to become available, left in the washing machine getting stale waiting for the weather to change?

Despair no more.

ClozeMonkey SmartDri is a unique, convenient, modern laundry handling device which is space saving, lightweight, portable and takes up no floor space. It will fit on the back of any standard door, taking up no floor space, without the need for any extra fittings.

Because it uses ambient heat in the room there is also the possibility to make savings in your energy bills.

It has 9 metres of drying space which is ample for accommodating a full washing machine load. It is self- supporting, up to 8kgs of weight. Because of its unique features it is ideally suited to apartment living but will be most useful in any home size.

Head for the checkout now........you won’t regret it!